The Most preferred Thought-leadership Association to champion the interests of Skilled Labor Recruiters and offer Credentialling advisory Services to Partners.

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Diaspora Recruiters Association is a member-based organization governed by a team of Trustees that champion in consultation with members to among others to achieve the following objectives:

Bringing together a pool of skilled Labor recruiters within a well choreographed corporate governance environment.

Connecting the African Talent to other Continents through an elaborate Credentialling Advisory Services

Collaborating with skilled labor curriculum developer to align with Local and International skill requirements through an elaborate framework of Intentional Research and Networking. 

Membership Categories

 1. Human Resource Firms and Recruiters

The membership constitutes Human resource firms focusing on Skilled labor recruitment both for Local and International Markets. The Firms should be members of the National Employment Authority and the members of the Institute of Human Resources of Kenya. New members who haven’t met the criteria will be given a Moratorium of six months to comply to be after Licensing with the National Employment Authority.

Below find other mandatory requirements that an interested firm must meet:

  1. 1. Professional Indemnity cover as enshrined in the DRA Constitution

  2. 2. Existence of a governance team (Minimum three non -executives) in place willing to be vetted against the leadership and Integrity framework of the country of origin.

  3. 3. Corporate Membership with the Institute of Human Resource Management

2. Other Memberships

Other institutions with Complementing Mandate could include Banks, SACCOs, Microfinance Institutions, and Educational Institutions that would champion in the remittance and the deployment of diaspora remittances to Kenya and by extension Africa.

3. Partners

The Association focuses to intentionally collaborate with the International Labor Organization (ILO)and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to Continually Improve its Mandate to better the recruitment practices of its members.

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Dr. Jotham

Dr. Jotham .M. Gichuhi


Dr. Jotham .M. Gichuhi is a Renowned Leadership, governance, and Human resource professional with an experience of more than 18 years. He holds a PhD in organizational leadership from Pan Africa University, an MBA in Finance, and a Bachelor's degree in Education.

Alfred Njogu

Alfred .M. Njogu


Alfred .M. Njogu is a Nurse by profession, trained in the USA, a Logistics business guru in the US, and also an experienced International Recruiter, being the Managing Director of Beato Manpower and Broadway Logistics in the US,

Muthoni Wamuiya

Muthoni Wamuiya


Muthoni Wamuiya is an experienced advocate and a partner of Muthoni Wamuiya and Mohammed Advocates. She's seasoned Entrepreneur with over 17 years working hands on Senior Management Positions.


Winfred Ngola


Winfred Ngola is a Legal and HR professional with 7+ years’ experience in the HR and Admin Department.  She holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Kenyatta University and Higher Diploma in HR  from College of Human Resource Management.

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